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The idea of creation
With many years of experience in the restaurant business and a great love for Georgian cuisine, we created the idea of creating a network of Georgian restaurants. We decided to combine the Georgian hospitality in the service, the authenticity of the taste of the colorful kitchen and the present and the style of the interior.

Therefore, in the summer of 2017, we opened the first restaurant of the new Georgian project "Tbilisi".

The restaurant's name was chosen almost immediately and unanimously. This is exactly the case - Tbilisi is called the Georgian heart of Georgia - the city of Tbilisi. And still, Tbilisi is the name of an enchanting Georgian song, which is translated in many languages and is the anthem of a sincere Georgian soul.
Our successes
1 year
The first restaurant is open 08/10/2017 at Dream Town Mall
4 restaurants
Today is on the network 4 restaurants
80 workers
Great Georgian family :)
1 000 051 hinkali
That's how much we've gutted since we started
USG Holding
"Tbilisi. Georgian hospitality" is part of the USG Holding.

USG Holding is a Ukrainian group of companies that has been integrating and developing restaurant, hotel and medical services for over 20 years.

The structure of the holding includes the business companies il Molino and Sushiya, individual restaurant projects Tbiliso, City-Zen, Tequila House, Sam's Steak House, Golden Gate Pub.


Name and symbol
The name "Tbiliso", as the name of the eponymous Georgian song, has a deep meaning.

After all, in translation, this is a story about an extraordinary beautiful city of Tbilisi, its rebirth, incredible beauty, and most importantly - that this is the nicest place on earth.

At the same time, today, the capital and heart of Georgia, Tbilisi or Tbilisi, as the Georgians themselves say, is already a modern city that treats its traditions and outstanding features with care.

The concept of "TBILISO" is the character and philosophy of solar Georgia.
The menu of the restaurant is a combination of authentic Georgian dishes and their contemporary variations.

Pride is:
- 10 varieties of khachapuri
- 8 species of hinkali,
- Tapaka chicken in 3 sauces to choose from.

Here, the guest can get acquainted with the traditional cold feast of the plush (4 species) and taste the most delicious eggplant rolls with nut filling. Enjoy Georgian dishes such as Chashushuli and Oujhari, which are served on a scallion clay kite.

As with every Georgian, wine is our pride. Especially homemade wine - it is taken specially from Georgia - red semi-dry on the basis of a variety of grapes Saperavi with a taste of cherries and white semi-dry - a variety of Rkatsiteli, with fresh berry notes.